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"मैं आपको यह पत्र बिहार पर्यटन विकास निगम द्वारा पितृपक्ष के अवसर पर मेरे गया जाने पर निगम द्वारा पिंडदान पैकेज में उपलब्ध कराई गयी सुविधाओं, व्यवस्थाओं तथा अधीनस्थों .... "
R. K. Chaturvedi (IPS), Inspector General of Police, Lucknow


"This is the Hindu belief that after the death, soul of human being still remain in this materialistic world."

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Gaya is an important Junction in the Mughalsarai-Dhanbad Grand Chord Section of the East Central Railway (erstwhile Eastern Railway). It has direct Train Services from New Delhi, Howrah and Mumbai. It is about 1100 Km away from New Delhi and 450 Km away from Kolkata (Howrah Junction). Altogether Four Rajdhani Express Trains apart from other Super-Fast trains take you directly from Delhi to Gaya. While Rajdhani Express takes 12 hours, the other Mail Express trains take 15 to 17 hours....Explore More

Gaya Pilgrimage

Falgu River
Flowing on the east side of Gaya, the Falgu River carries water only during the monsoon season. At other time the river bed is externally dry. However if you scratch some mud you will find water. Being cursed by Sita Devi, this river runs as under water river below the bed.
Sita Kund
On the opposite side of the Vishnu pad temple, Sita Kund is situated on the other banks of the Falgu River. There is a small temple depicting the spot...Explore More


The old temple of Vishnupad was later renovated by the queen of Indore, Devi Ahilyabai in eighteenth century. While Hindus claim that footprints in Vishunpad temple are of Lord Vishnu, Buddhists consider them the footprints of Lord Buddha. The temple is nevertheless a major pilgrim destination. Nomenclature of Gaya is based on the myth of demon Gayasur who Lord Vishnu had killed in a dual. The place is so sacred for Hindus that even Lord Ram had performed Pindadanam here for his ancestors...Explore More


Bhaadrapad Shuklapaksha 14 Anantchaturdarshi
Bhaadrapad Shuklapaksha Purnima
1 Aashvin Krishnapaksh Pritipada
2 Aashvin Krishnapaksh Duyeetiya
3 Aashvin Krishnapaksh
4 Aashvin Krishnapaksh
5 Aashvin Krishnapaksh Morning 6.09 AM
6 Aashvin Krishnapaksh
7 Aashvin Krishnapaksh


Punpun Ghat Station in Gaya - Patna Railway
On the Way to Manglagauri
Falgu River
From Dev Ghat to Pitamaheswar
Underneath of Pretshila Hill
Underneath of Pretshila Hill

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